The KC Promise

For you and your kids, food is much more than lunch or dinner. It’s mealtime. A moment to share. All the smiles. All the stories. All the possibilities for tomorrow. At Kid Cuisine, we help you serve meals that are a good source of valuable protein and a great source of family fun! They’re meals kids love!


Meet KC

Lots of kids recognize him. Adults, too! But who really is KC? Meet the mascot who brings Kid Cuisine to life—and introduce him to your kids!

What’s your full name?

Kid Cuisine

What do you love?

Keeping the fun going by giving kids their favorite foods in real meals that are still really fun. And getting the last laugh when I can!

What do you dislike?

Just like any other kid, I don’t like for the fun to stop—even at mealtime.

How would you describe your personality?

Playful. And curious. That’s because I wear a lot of hats. You can tell if you look at all my different meal boxes!